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The Charter School Effect


The charter school effect, is my first video essay. I used secondary sources  to identify the reasons that parents, students and policymakers  prefer charter schools.  This video needs  quite of bit of work. First the editing appear extremely unprofessional, especially in comparison to other video essays. The essay only covered  a small aspect of the point that I wanted to make about charter schools. I also felt as though I made a commercial, or propaganda snippet more than a video.


Prohibition, Psychoanalysis, and the Heterosexual Matrix

Binary Construct of Heterosexuality

In Judith Butler’s  Essay Prohibition, Psychoanalysis and the Heterosexual Matrix,   Butler examined  the  binary construct exam of gender. Through this analysis Butler hypothesized the status of humankind before the marginalization of women.  The examination of gender, sexuality, heterosexuality and femininity  are examined through a transdisciplinary lens of psychology, anthropology,  and of course Butler’s feminist perspective.  Butler argued that gender construction lies in cultural construct that shaped the raw  biological  form of gender  and shaped it into a cultural construct that empowered heterosexual males.